Greetings, and welcome to all the release information for the long awaited Map 5 of BattleMade! A Lot of things are changing for this map, and I hope you're as excited as we are! With this next installment of BattleMade, here are the areas that we're changing up!
  • NEW Features
  • Base Making
  • Raiding
  • Economy
  • Old features that we are retiring
  • Rules

RELEASE DATE: 19th of May @ 2pm EST (5 week map)

Weekly payouts:
#1. $100 PayPal & $100 BuyCraft
#2. $50 PayPal & $100 BuyCraft
#3. $25 PayPal & $100 BuyCraft
#4. $100 BuyCraft
#5. $50 BuyCraft


Notable new features:
  • Printer Mode
    • Doing /printer changes blocks in your inventory to infinite, so placing them will charge you with according amount of money.
  • New Factions map
    • Click to claim
    • Larger in size
    • World-border detection
  • Faction co-leaders
    • Basically has leader permissions but faction disband
  • Faction truces
    • Easy solution for temporary truces
  • Faction check-points
    • Can be set in wilderness & player's claim
  • Faction near
    • Show nearby factions members
  • Faction rules
    • Each faction can create personalized rules.
  • Faction warbanners
    • Give powerful effects towards faction members
    • Faction members can teleport to them
  • Faction permissions
  • Faction remote vaults
    • Basically a chest you can buy using /f getvault, once you place it, faction can remotely access it.
  • TnT bank
    • A virtual TnT bank where factions can deposit their TnT.
  • Faction tools:
    • /f coords - to display your current coordinates
    • /f lowpower - to find faction members with low power
    • /f showclaims
    • /f inspect
    • /f tntfill - to fill dispeners around you with tnt from factions TnT bank

On this next map of Battlemade, some new Raiding rules are being enforced. Boat cannons, roof cannons, or any attempt at bypassing tnt/sand above 255 will result in a ban and a disband of the faction found guilty. Keep your members in check. Same goes for left shooting, whether it be via triangles or the old fashioned way. Throughout the 5 years that I've played BattleMade, there has been 1 Left Shoot attempt in the entire time I've played or oversaw the server. Why make players waste the time doing all that work when there's really no threat?

This map, we are attempting to make base work even easier! As if genbuckets and trench pics didn't make it easy enough, you will no longer need to make wraps around your base as left shooting has been disabled. (I recommend that you put up 2-3 just to prevent being mid-air stacked and breached). Its been an unnecessary threat to basebuilders for the entirety of BattleMade, so we are removing it this map. Since walls will be smaller and take less time to make, the cost of genbuckets will increase. We want factions to have to grind up for a few days with cane farms and spawner farms to be able to afford their 160 walls. We will try and keep it balanced.


Last map, the economy was... We'll skip discussing that. Anyways, changes have been made. Cactus has been nerfed due to how OP it was last map.

*ALL forms of automated farming (besides cactus) will be illegal and punishable with a ban!*

Sugarcane will now be the crop of the map with its sell price of $6.50 ($15,000 per inven.) Since you have to hand farm it its value has been raised. Use harvester hoes or crop hoppers to help snag up your leftover/dropped sugarcane!
  • Sugarcane: $6.5
  • Cactus: $0.70
  • Netherwart: $4
  • Mushrooms: $4.5
  • Melons: $1

As for spawners, we're changing things up a bit. This map Iron Golem spawners will be an exclusive, therefor not the main spawner! We have decided that way to spice up a normally overused spawner. The top spawners for this map will be Zombie Pigmen (baby pigmen/chicken pigmen will no longer spawn) and Enderman spawners (due to them requiring a larger fall distance to die).
  • Zombie Pigmen:
    • Gold Ingots $13
    • $1m
  • Endermen:
    • Enderpearls $10
    • Emeralds $12
    • $865k
  • Creeper:
    • Gunpowder $3
    • TnT Not Sellable
    • $800k
  • Blaze:
    • Blaze Rod $10
    • $500k
  • Cow:
    • Steak $2.5
    • Leather $3
    • $250k
  • Spider/Cave Spider:
    • String $1.5
    • Spider Eye $1.75
    • $100k
  • Skeleton:
    • Bone $1
    • Arrow $1.35
    • $75k
  • Zombie:
    • Rotten Flesh $0.75
    • $65k

Small plugin changes:
  • Custom Enchants:
    • Strength now costs 100 XP levels
    • Speed now costs 75 XP Levels
    • Fire Resistance now costs 50 XP Levels
We wanted these custom enchants to be a bit harder to obtain to make the Armor economy more level.
  • Vote Party:
    • No longer will each of your alts receive a Battle Key from each vote party. Now, different prizes will be given out each time a Vote Limit is reached.
  • Supply Crates:
    • Supply crates have been tweaked to allow a more balanced and fair start to the map but also still giving an advantage to players who take the risk to step out into the warzone!
  • F Fly:
    • The old /f stealth problem of last map has been resolved. No longer will fly disable nor will you be able to fly whilst in combat or when an enemy is nearby!
  • Koth:
    • Koth will now occur once a day during the week and twice a day on weekends. Each day and time will be different:
  • Monday 4PM EST
  • Tuesday 3PM EST
  • Wednesday 12pm EST
  • Thursday 4PM EST
  • Friday 3PM EST
  • Saturday 12pm EST & 6PM EST
  • Sunday 3PM EST & 9PM EST
  • GenBuckets:
    • Since bases will be requiring less work this map, the prices of genbuckets have increased to keep it more balanced. Based on the prices of spawners/farming materials, they’ve been calculated to make basework easier but also more expensive.
  • Sell Wands/Craft Wands/Lightning Wand:
    • I believe that every map there are too many Sell Wands floating around the server. So, we've nerfed them a little with the changing eco.
      • Each Sell Wand will now have only 100 uses, and only sell for 90% as what a normal /sell would register. So, if you have 100 pieces of iron at $10 each, you will only get $9,000 via the Sell Wand instead of the $10,000 that you'd get from /sell. Craft Wands now have a limit of 100 uses and Lightning wands have 25 uses each.

Rule changes:
  • Left shooting/Roof Cannoning/Boat cannoning are all illegal.
  • Watering spawners or using automatic water protection systems are illegal.
  • Cobwebbing walls is illegal.
I would like to inform everyone about changes regarding the current Map 4. As some of you already know, we had some major bugs & issues that took a lot of time to be fixed and are still being worked on. These bugs & issues caused the player-base to decrease drastically and I am very frustrated that I am unable to fix it myself as they are hard-coded into our core plugin and the developer has university so he has little to no time to work on it, although he promised me to get it all sorted & working by this weekend. Overall the map has run very well comparing to past maps and I am very confident about our next map (Map 5) now that most bugs are fixed and being worked on & one of our owners is out-of-the-way and the server can be fully ran under myself with extra help from reputable members (Not going to mention them now). So I have decided to not let the server die but cut the current Map short and start revamping for the next one with a week-long Beta testing period and an overthought server. Thank you all for reading and I hope you understand this. <3

Regarding FTOP:

  • Week 3:
    • 1; $150 BuyCraft
    • 2; $125 BuyCraft
    • 3; $100 BuyCraft
    • 4; $75 BuyCraft
    • 5; $50 BuyCraft
  • Week 4 (Last Week):
    • 1; $100 PayPal
    • 2; $75 PayPal
    • 3; $50 PayPal
    • 4; $100 BuyCraft
    • 5; $50 BuyCraft

Other important information:

  • Map 5 FTOP rewards will range into $1000 as PayPal rewards and the maps would not last longer than 6 weeks, optimally 4 weeks.
  • There will be an 80% sale for the remaining duration of the map. Now if you think why you should donate during this sale, the main reason for that is because of the high FTOP rewards for next Map there will be much smaller sales ranging from 40-60% & the main reason you should donate now is to support Map 5 development so we can bring you the best experience!
Map will END: 25th February @ 3pm EST

With the week-long Beta testing period and the amount of development that will be done for next Map, I can assure each one of you a quality experience on BattleMade. Stay updated! ;)
Announcement Factions Update #1

We had a massive release yesterday, reaching numbers we thought were only dreams. We were completely un-prepared for the sudden flood of players, as we estimated only 200-250 players joining.

Today, at the key all event, we hit 500 players globally, which caused some issues to arise within our network's backend. Since, we have re-written most of our codebase and optimized everything!
  • The grace period will end February 3rd. All TNT will be enabled globally!
  • February 10th will be the first payout date; may the most powerful faction win.
  • We have enabled a 75% sale for the remainder of the grace period.

What we have done:
  • PVP issues are now fixed
  • Repair all cooldown is reduced
  • Magma Cube spawners are now less OP
  • Fishing is now less OP
  • Sell hand / Sell all permissions fixed
  • PlayerVaults added
  • Lag issues patched
  • F Coleader has been disabled for now.
  • Fly is fixed
  • Other small fixes
We will be hiring many more media personalities to stream and record on the network, so expect to see the playerbase grow substantially through the next few weeks.

Store (75% sale):


Map 4 ~ Release Information
$5000 FTOP Prize (Weekly)
Saturday, January 27th at 2PM EST

Click here for trailer reupload information.


Hubs will open at 1PM EST, queues will unlock at 1:30PM EST

We are so happy to be able to publish this map of BattleMade. After constant hours at the drawing board with me, @fanikz, and our amazing team, we have finally developed the most unique and competitive Factions server ever! Be sure to read over all changes, to grasp a full understanding of what to expect this Saturday.

Important Information
  • Worlds (12 corners, 1 per faction)​
    • Overworld ~ 10k border, flat bedrock​
    • End ~ 5k border, flat bedrock​
    • Mars ~ 2.5k border, flat bedrock​
  • General Server Content​
    • Free FactionFly and TNTFill/UnTNTFill​
    • $5000 FTOP Prize, paid weekly (first payout is Feburary 10th)​
    • Grace period will last 1 week​
      • TNT will be completely disabled​
    • Left shooting is disabled​
    • Insiding is bannable​
Factions Top

The total F-TOP prize is $5,080.
Each week, segments of it will be paid out. (8 week map)​
  • #1: $50 PP / $150 BCRAFT​
  • #2: $25 PP / $95 BCRAFT​
  • #3: $75 BCRAFT​
  • #4: $65 BCRAFT​
  • #5: $45 BCRAFT​
  • #6: $40 BCRAFT​
  • #7: $35 BCRAFT​
  • #8: $30 BCRAFT​
  • #9: $15 BCRAFT​
  • #10: $15 BCRAFT​
Release Sale
  • For the first 3 hours of release, there will be a 60% sale.
  • After that, there will be a 45% sale for the next 3 hours.
  • After that, the sale will drop down to 30% for 6 hours.
  • So after 12 hours of the map being open, the sale will drop from 60% to 30%.​

We understand the various issues economy had last map.​
  • View the new prices in /shop in-game.​

Full Changelog / Main Features
  • Important: for all you people with console clients, use the command “/join factions” to automatically be put into the queue. (This is in place of /server, as we have a queue now)​
  • Crates have been re-worked​
    • We now have a new crates plugin!​
  • Removed Tokenshop​
    • We might introduce a mob hunting system mid-map.​
  • New /f level XP system. Your faction can generate XP by being online, and you will automatically level up. View all rewards with /f level​
    • This is instead of /f perks, which we removed.​
  • Custom Enchants​
    • Very simple and they do not interfere with PVP.​
    • Purchasable with EXP in the /enchanter GUI​
  • Factions Core​
    • Features many new commands, such as /f inspect and /f coleader​
  • New Queue System​
    • All donor ranks have a higher priority.​
  • Levelled Fishing Rods​
    • Level up your fishing rods for better rewards. Simply get a rod, and start fishing.[​IMG]
  • Cannoning Jar​
    • Ignited TNT is now invisible, to help out on those bad PCs​
    • Many optimizations have been done in the backend​
  • Hit detection and KB is now perfect - we mean it.​
  • Treasure Goblins​
    • These are bosses you can spawn in the WarZone and punch for rare loot.. Purchasable from our web-store, or from crates.​
  • New Faction Boosters​
    • Purchasable from our web-store, or from crate winnings.​
  • Gen Buckets​
    • Type “/gen” to receive a bucket. Left click that bucket to view gen bucket variants.​
  • Spawner Turrets​
    • These are crystals you can right click whilst looking at spawners in a raid, to immediately drop them in a radius of 5.​
    • These can be obtained from our web-store, or from crates.​
  • Craft Wands​
    • These will craft all ingots into blocks​
    • These can be obtained from our web-store, or from crates.​
  • Sell Wands​
    • These will sell all contents of a chest when clicked on​
    • These can be obtained from our web-store, or from crates.​
  • Lightning Wands​
    • These will ignite creepers, useful for raiding, to create a larger blast radius.​
    • These can be obtained from our web-store, or from crates.​
  • Chunk Busters​
    • Place these down in your territory to trench out a 48x48 (3 chunk) area of land.​
    • These can be obtained from our web-store, or from crates.​
  • Crop Hoppers​
    • Place these down in a chunk to collect all cactus.​
    • These can be obtained from our web-store, or from crates.​
  • Battle Flares​
    • These are loot caches that drop from the sky into the warzone every 2 hours. View the next battle flare event at the hologram at /warp pvp.​
  • King Of The Hill Events​
    • These are ran every 3 hours, only exception is on release.​
    • Loot has been improved a lot since last map.​
  • Outpost Event​
    • Outpost is a 24/7 event where your faction can control for 2x XP, $15K per 30min, and permanent Speed II.​
  • New custom event: The Goblin’s Cauldron​
    • This is a weekly event ran on BattleMade, where you can battle evil goblins with your faction for amazing loot.​
    • Stay up to date on our Discord for when we will run this event.​
  • Improved economy.​
    • The most expensive spawners are now: Enderman ($1.5mil), IG ($2.5mil), and ZP ($3mil)​
  • All spawners cost $10k each to mine.​
    • Don’t mine your spawners down when you sleep, seriously. It’ll cost you.​
  • Redone the /warp and /gkit GUI’s​
  • E-W cannoning patched, and autos are not allowed.​
  • Insiding is not allowed.​
  • You can now use [item] to display your items in chat (donor only)​
  • We have added /repair hand for $2k, and /repair all for $35k.​
  • Stacking on world border fixed​
  • IGs now spawn with 5 health, and on fire. (happy grinding!)​
  • Fixed mob stacking​
  • Fixed custom mob drops​
  • Updated our web-store with new bundles, and better prices.​
  • Flying is now disabled in WarZone completely.​
  • Envoys now have better loot​
  • Re-done the /gkit GUI, as well as added a new February kit​
  • Prestigious GKIT permissions / cooldown has been fixed​
  • Punch enchantment is now disabled!​
  • All players have /sell wand and /sell all (cooldowns on both)​
  • Ally limit is 1​
  • Faction member limit is 75​
  • Ally limit per IP/player is 25​
  • AFK fishing is bannable​
  • Console clients are bannable (only if you use them for selling, using them for power is allowed)​

Do not miss this release!