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Hello everyone, I am revamping factions a bit to provide a better and more competitive game-play. There aren't many things added but a lot of stuff changed and fixed.

50% off sale for limited time @ http://store.battlemade.com

Main Changes:
  • New Spawn soon
  • Server restarts at 1am and 1pm EST for stability
  • World Downloader is now allowed
  • Invisible potions enabled
  • Regarding Custom Enchantments:
    • Costs EXP instead of Levels
    • Transmog scroll added
    • Protection Crystal added
    • Added scrambler
  • Custom Enchantments balanced/most removed: (Removed ones or nerfed ones will not work, contact an Admin if you need a refund of XP)
    • Removed:
      • SelfDestruct
      • Hulk
      • Vampire
      • LifeSteal
      • DoubleDamage
      • SlowMo
      • Blindness
      • FastTurn
      • Dizzy
      • Confusion
      • Berserk
      • Cursed
      • Rekt
      • Freeze
      • Fortify
      • Confusion
      • Paralyze
      • Snare
      • Trap
      • SmokeBomb
      • Drunk
      • Cactus
      • Rocket
      • Decapitation
      • HeadLess
      • AcidRain
      • SandStorm
      • Intimidate
      • Radiant
    • Nerfed:
      • OverLoad: 3
      • PainGiver: 3
      • Wither: 3
      • Voodoo: 3
      • Savior: 3
      • Obliterate: 3
      • Valor: 3
      • Viper: 3
      • Enlightened: 3
      • Venom: 3
      • Springs: 2
      • Gears: 2
Thank you everyone for reading, have a nice day! ;)
by fanikz at 2:01 PM
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Server has been up for 2 weeks already and I have decided to update it with some extra features. Thank you everybody for your support and dedicated! :)

If you have any other suggestions or requests for the server, general feedback perhaps, please leave it in the comments section.

Things changed:
  • Server is really stable now, no more downtime ;)
  • New Anti-Cheat (SOON)
  • Improved chat management
  • Item Filter introduced: /itemfilter
  • Ability to withdraw XP bottles: /xp
  • Hulk and Gears max level nerfed but current level 5 will still be regular.

30% sale
will be lasting for the whole January and will be one of the last sales for now, don't miss it out: http://store.battlemade.com

It's been a great experience so far, stay updated with the forums since BattleMade will be expanding very soon!
by fanikz at 8:11 PM
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Alright guys, sorry everyone for inconvenience the downtime has caused but the server is all healthy and back online! Whole Cloud9 faction has been banned from the server and their faction disbanded.

Since the last thread was posted right before all this mess I would like to hear your feedback again regarding the server, like what things you disagree and what could be improved.
  • TNT will be enabled @ 5pm EST today!
  • And 70% sale is extended until the end of Wednesday: http://store.battlemade.com
  • Legendary Key will be given out @ 5pm EST today!
Thank you everybody for supporting the server and not giving up on it! ;)
by fanikz at 8:46 PM
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Hello, we have recently been getting hit offline by the faction Cloud9. But don't worry, everything will be sorted soon. ;)

If you need any sort of information regarding cloud9, feel free to shoot me a PM!
by SuvTheOGGucci at 12:42 AM
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This Friday at 6pm EST, a Potion PvP Event will be hosted on BattleMade.
The kit will be a protection 2, unbreaking 2, feather falling 4 diamond kit with a sharpness 2 sword.
Each player will receive:
2x 4:00 Speed 2 Potions
25x Splash 2 Instant Health Pots
64x Steak
16 Enderpearls
Have join.me AND teamspeak downloaded before you join the event. If you are asked to join a teamspeak and don't have it downloaded you will be banned.

McMMO will be disabled for the duration of the even in the world, and spectating will be allowed.
If you wish to enter, you may not have ANY clients on your computer at ALL. ANY found during the SS (even 1.10 xray packs) will result in an instant ban.
The only legal versions/Mods for the fight will be
Vanilla Optifine 1.7-1.10
1.7-1.8 Forge with Status/Armor HUDS, Toggle Sprint, MiniMap (no radar), KeyStrokes Mod/CPS counter
Cosmic ModPack
Optic Client

Anyone caught hacking during the event will not receive a 2nd chance to be unbanned.

In game rewards like a Custom Kit, Spawners, "Admin Items", and a $15 voucher will be handed out to the winner.
Leave your in game names below so I can make a roster. 6pm EST Thursday night the thread will be closed and NO other people may enter.

***Special NOTE***
ANY items/xp in /backpack or invens will NOT be returned. You must know this going on. We will not replace ANY items that you lose. This is your warning. Asking about them will result in you being removed from loser's brackets (if you're placed into them).
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The server is finally up and running, hopefully you will enjoy all the extra things I have added and overall just enjoy this map! Faction top rewards now include in real life money too and tnt/creepers will be disabled for a week like always.

Have a nice day everybody, see you on the server, donor perks and trailer rewards will be given out same goes for top voters of this month! ;)

Oh and there will be a sale of 70% for a week. http://store.battlemade.com
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Happy New year everybody, hopefully the start of the year will be great and memorable. While server is still whitelisted enjoy your time with the family and expand your lives but of course don't miss out the release, it will be greater than ever! :)

Also letting everybody that donated know that you can use the command /reclaim to obtain some of the miscellaneous perks you get when donating for a rank such as money & mcMMO credits.

Since last map was very short and even considered as a BETA, all crate keys, monthly crates, special items, money pouches, spawners & anything else I have missed will be given at the start of this map. In order to receive them please send me a Private Message regarding what you bought.
by fanikz at 4:01 PM
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Reupload for free keys!
Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/?4nq0epwrqc03wmx

To receive keys comment down:
Link to Trailer
10 views - Legendary key
30 views - 2x Legendary keys
50 views - 1x Battle Key
100 views - 2x Battle keys
200 views - 2x Legendary & 2x Battle keys
by fanikz at 3:07 PM
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Release date: 1st January @ 3pm EST

Let's consider this reset as the first official stable release of [Map 1] on the BattleMade Network where all bugs and dupes have been patched and game-play made enjoyable. Merry Christmas everyone, have a great time with your friends and family and we'll see you all on the release day!

Regarding Bans, everyone will be given a second chance to get unbanned and play this map. To get appealed simply post an unban application and apologize for what you did and you will be able to play this map!

Changes: (may be edited time to time so make sure to check daily)
  • Improvements:
    • Custom Enchantments Balanced out
    • New Rules (will be posted soon)
    • Completely new Anti-Cheat system
    • Hard Economy + balanced out economy
    • More events with good loot
    • Inventory roll backs
    • Death Announcements
    • Dueling improved
    • Mob stacking changed
    • Faction Warps added
    • Drop zone loot buffed
  • World information:
    • Borders:
      • World: 5k (4 KoTH's)
      • Nether: 3k (1 KoTH) (Non-Claimable, No Spawner mining)
      • FLAT End: 5k (2 KoTH's)
    • Custom terrain for all worlds!
  • Staff Team
    • Remade staff team
    • Each member of the staff will be mature & professional
    • They will know what they are doing
    • Will interact with the community
  • Other
    • There will be weekly forums announcements where community will output their thoughts

Stay updated on the forums for more announcements and of course do not miss out the release! ;)
by SuvTheOGGucci at 3:40 AM
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Hey guys, with the map releasing tomorrow, I wanted to throw in some last minute things that we implemented and give a brief summary of the server, just like I did last map. It really helps to let people know what features we have to offer!

Changes this map:
Endstone is no longer protected by creeper eggs
Custom enchants like Rage have been removed due to them being insanely OP
Gen Bucket has been upgraded and improved
Economy re-balanced (bosses changed as well)
Squids, Iron Golems, and Cows are the main source of money.
Sugarcane is $15,000 per inventory to encourage farming.
End is now perfectly flat (y:30-bedrock)
Crates have been reworked to make them more valuable.
/bp drops on death
1 Corner claim per faction

/f top winners will receive a prize at the end of the map. Due to last map's quick death due to dupes, bugs, and glitches, we will be handing out an /f top prize this map instead, and hopefully it can be a cash prize payout.
Decided at the end of the map!

This map of Factions will be more exotic than ever before. We have new custom plugins, a more balanced and even economy, and the ability to win ranks faster than ever before. We are keeping the same world setups as before. 5000x5000 overworld (corners allowed) and 5000x5000 end (corners allowed) with a custom endstone layer to make base building much easier (endstone y:30-bedrock). To make base building even easier, we have implemented a new way to make bases! Now, making bases takes the placement of a lava bucket (a couple hundred times) and your walls will gen themselves. No water, no lava, no mess. Guaranteed not to cheese, not to overflow, and not to cobble monster anymore! (https://gyazo.com/b10bc306ff1a3e569d84cdb00778a2c2)



GenBucket stops genning the second it encounters ANY block or a sponge (3 blocks away, 2 block gap) to ensure that genning is as smooth and efficient as possible! Use /warp genbucket in game to get a look at crafting recipes!

A TnT-Free Grace period of 1 week will be instated to allow factions to make their bases safely and easily.
Lava is scatterable by tnt, and does not re-flow. It sits in a suspended state until updated, thus rendering regen walls useless and a waste of time.

Insiding is now BANNABLE and the faction that is insided will have ALL spawners returned. Lying about insiding will result in an automatic disbanding of the faction. Homes that are set in faction land other than your own and ally will automatically be deleted. Teleporting other factions into your base for them to raid you, insiding. Mining/stealing from other fac members, disbanding, unclaim alling, unclaiming faction land for other factions to claim, etc. are examples of insiding. Be careful with your actions or you will be punished. (http://battlemade.com/threads/why-insiding-is-bannable.605/)
Bases are 100% reusable. You cannot sethome in faction land other than your own or allies, if you log off in faction land other than your own or allies you will be teleported to spawn.

The faction that gets the VERY corner most claim in any desired corner will be able to obtain and keep that corner for as long as they own that corner. If they are over claimed, they lose rights to that corner. If they are insided, they will regain rights to that corner. Any claims that are closer than 20 chunks to their corner (considered bitch claims) will be removed, and if your faction has enough, you will be punished.

This map, the top spawner is a squid spawner. We did this to encourage people to make larger bases that are bed-sky. Squid will only spawn below y:65, and therefore you need to prepare your base accordingly. Automatic farms are allowed on here, but pumpkin/melons are not sellable on here to prevent lag. Farms like nether warts/sugarcane that require you to hand farm them sell for alot more money!

Printer is allowed and works phenomenally smooth on the server. (no longer kicked for inventory tweaks, and anti-cheat won't spam the chat of staff when printing)

Homes will be deleted if you leave/are kicked from a faction to help prevent insiding (which again is bannable) and also makes it so your old allies no longer keep homes there!
Using alt factions to claim around your base to expand buffer will result in a disband. 20 chunks from your first wall is as far as your claims can go!
Cobble Monstering while tnt is disabled will result in a ban!

All players receive /fly in their own faction land

Raid events and PvP events will occur weekly!

Koths every day (schedule being posted soon)

Blast 3 Pickaxes mine in a 3x3x3 area to make base progress speed along!

/f rankup allows you to boost abilities of your faction, like Increased mob drops, Permanent Speed/Strength, No Fall Damage, Power Boosts, Custom Tags, and more!

TnT/Sand despawn when entering spawn claims to prevent griefing! It also despawns past World Border to stop world border raiding.

AutoCannons are illegal, and any attempt to bypass our anti-auto will result in a ban and a rollback of the faction's items that were illegally taken. Clocks on cannons included are illegal.
Any form of "unraidable" defense will result in punishment for the faction.
Staff will be playing on alts this map!

My role on the server this map will be purely to help maintain the integrity of BattleMade, to educate the players on how to become better factions players, and to make sure people have fun. I will not be playing this map, I will be helping anyone and everyone with anything and everything. I will host events with the help of a few others, and check for hackers! If anyone has any comments/concerns/suggestions please let me know and I'll be sure to do my best to help!