by fanikz at 7:48 AM
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Beta map is open for the next couple of days, all sort of feedback and bug reports are appreciated and will be rewarded with keys when the map starts. Thank you all for testing :)
by SuvTheOGGucci at 10:59 PM
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Hey guys day 2 of me fixing/changing some stuff up. Most stuff in this post will be economy based, so if you wanna have a close look at any economical changes to next map of BattleMade be sure to read this entire post!

  • Enderman Spawner prices raised to $1,000,000
  • Emeralds now sell for $28 each
  • Ink Sacks now only sell for $12 (Squid Spawners removed from crates)
  • Obsidian per stack lowered to $250
  • Gravel prices raised to $256 per stack (takes 3 hits to break with tnt now)
  • Creeper Spawner prices raised to $600,000
  • For potions related, let me know what you guys want added there!
  • Iron Sell price lowered to $8 each
  • Leather Prices reduced to $5.75
  • Ender Pearls raised to $15 each now
  • Sell Wandprices have been updated (let us know if anything isn't updated correctly for rewards ;))
  • /tntcraft has been re-added and only takes 5 gunpowder with 0 cost! (Gunpowder has been removed from sell wand to prevent people from accidentally selling gunpowder).
  • Important items like diamond armor/picks/sell wands will no longer be deleted with clearlag, but will still despawn after the default 5 minute clearlag in default MC.
  • Hopper speeds have been increased so farms will no longer clog.
Hopefully you guys like what we've changed and if you guys have any suggestions please let us know!
by SuvTheOGGucci at 9:15 PM
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Hey guys, as we approach the Beta Map, I'd like to keep updates as to how the server's coming along. Whenever we add things, we like to test em out and also fix the things from previous maps that were buggy at times. Hopefully you guys let us know of anything else you'd like looked into/fixed!

  • World Border setup for 5000x5000 and corners lined up with Factions Claims
  • Brew added and tested to ensure all the potions work
  • ItemFilter uploaded and configured, works for users. (/itemfilter)
  • Tested /f unstuck (moving items in your inventory stops the teleportation for a reason) and it no longer puts you past world border
  • Envoy loot is more spread out across entire warzone.
  • AFK'd spawners for ~1 hour to get an idea of how OP spawners are with the new custom drop rates. Enderman are the way to go this map...
That's all for today, hopefully you guys are as excited as we are!
by fanikz at 7:19 PM
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The server is almost ready for Open Beta. Please stay updated for more information and announcements regarding the upcoming season.

Beta Map: Tuesday @ 3pm EST - Thursday 3pm EST (23rd - 25th)

Sorry have been very busy with a lot of stuff regarding real life and had no time to do the Faction Top rewards, I will try to contact the winners tomorrow regarding their reward.
by fanikz at 4:27 PM
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At last, the issues that the server has faced, have been sorted completely and all the bugs & glitches found through out the map fixed & dealt with. I am happy to announce the release of Map 2 for our Factions server.

Release Date: 27th May @ 3pm EST

More information will be posted in the announcements as time progresses, please be updated with the forums for the trailer and other useful stuff :p

* f top winners will be contacted individually very soon *

BETA map will also be available, more information will be posted as things get done.

Heres the change log:
  • Hoppers
    • Ability to synchronize hoppers with chests
    • Upgradable hoppers (How many blocks away can be synced & Transfer amount)
  • Stackable spawners
    • Upgradable spawners will be completely replaced with stackable ones
  • New Anvil System
    • Repair items using XP & Money
  • Brewing GUI
    • Brewing made much easier
  • Voting Rewards
    • Unique rewards
    • Custom Boss Eggs
  • Faction Rankups
    • You can rank up your faction using Faction Bank for all member benefits
  • Runes
    • Still a thing instead of CEs with more ways to obtain and a few new ones
  • Events
    • PvP & Raiding events
    • Daily Koths & Duels
    • Envoys & Boss fights
    • Chat Reactions & Jackpots

  • PvP Related
    • Added Head Lootings
    • Completely new anti-cheat with no false positives
    • Knockback patched
    • Splash potions patched
  • Factions Information
    • Insiding is still bannable
    • F Top will only display blocks & spawner amounts
    • 50 power per player and 50 member limit
    • 1 corner claim per faction
    • 2 Staff per faction allowed
    • Added /f stuck
    • And of course the same old stuff like (Auto Fly, Banners, Line Claims, Permissions)
  • Economy Overview
    • Very Hard
    • Iron Golems nerfed
    • Custom Mob drops
      • Iron Golems (Ingots)
      • Enderman (Emeralds)
      • Creepers (TnT)
      • Ghasts (Nether Star)
  • General Changes
    • Friendlier user interface
    • Envoys will spawn across whole warzone
    • Additions
      • Chat Reactions :D
      • Swords/Armor/Special items not removed from Lag Clear
      • Added TNT craft command
      • We are considering disabling/limiting left shooting since players never use it...
    • Fixes
      • Warzone claims & World Guard regions
      • Explosive Pickaxes & Sell Wands
      • Phasing & VClipping
      • Mystery Spawners
      • Lag resolved :D (For real)
      • Sponges
      • Gen Buckets & Scaffoldings
      • Flying
      • Bosses
      • Custom Drops
    • World
      • 5k x 5k in size
      • Removed all underground gravel and dirt
      • Removed all structures
      • Visible border
      • Flattened out
      • No portal creation
    • Nether Removed because it is not needed.
    • End
      • 5k x 5k in size
      • Sandstone at y:50
      • Completely flat
  • Staff (Most apply to Mod+)
    • New tools
      • Freeze
      • Restore inventory
      • Spectate
      • Rollbacks & lookups

Well, this is a very productive and server changing update but everything will be working and well tested before released. Keep being updated on forums ;)
by fanikz at 7:50 AM
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Although this has been a fairly short map due to issues that occurred at the start, we have learned a lot and fixed all the known bugs & glitches that have been a thing during our first official season. I am happy to announce that we are now ready to release a new map. More information and the official thread will be posted later this week.

The release date will also be posted with the release information. Stay updated ;)

Top Factions & Balance top winners:
by fanikz at 12:45 PM
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Reupload 4 Keys:
10 views: 1x Legendary Key
30 views: 2x Legendary Key
50 views: 2x Legendary Key & 1x Battle Key
100 views: 2x Legendary Key & 2x Battle Key
250 views: $10 worth of buycraft
Download link:

To receive comment down:
Link to video: <url>
IGN: <username>

Island Top Rewards:
1st: $150 BuyCraft
2nd: $100 BuyCraft
3rd: $50 BuyCraft

Regarding Factions:

EOTW will be on Friday @ 2pm EST​

See you all at the release on Saturday @ 2pm EST ;)
by fanikz at 2:05 PM
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After tons of work and investments the server is almost ready for release. Packed with many features to enhance the game-play and promote PvP as much as possible to keep the PvP feel for the network. I am happy to announce that SkyBlock has turned out great and will be open very soon!

* Vote vouchers will be sent in a PM

RELEASE DATE: 29th April @ 2PM EST

SkyBlock will also have top island & balance top rewards at the end of the season. Haven't decided whether BuyCraft & PayPal or just BuyCraft.

[Trailer will be out Soon]

Top Features:

  • High Quality Builds
  • PvP enhanced
  • Many mini events like KoTH's and Sky Supply drops
  • Workers (Unique item generation)
  • Amazing and hard challenge system
  • Huge island sizes with the ability to upgrade them
  • Ore Generators
  • Hard and balanced economy
  • Chunk Loaders
  • Unique repairing system
  • Spawner Stacking
  • Unique warping and kit system
  • Player Vaults
  • Runes
  • Player games like Jackpot and Chat Reaction
  • Pets & Trails (Amazing :D)
  • & Much More ofcourse
Anyway, stay updated and don't miss the release. See you there! ;)

Some Images:
by fanikz at 11:37 AM
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Server is now back to its normal state with all of the old features working and anti-cheat optimized. I will keep the server updated and will keep optimizing it through out April to make sure it is ready and 100% working for its next release.

Stay updated on forums for more updates! ;)
by fanikz at 5:05 PM
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Despite the lag issues during the very start, the server is doing pretty good. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. If there are any unsolved bugs or issues please comment down.

70% sale for limited time @

  • TnT & Creeper Eggs will be enabled on Saturday @ 3pm EST
  • Koth's will start occurring on Monday
  • FactionsTop will be enabled on Sunday

Thank you everybody for being on for the reset, have a great experience through out BM 2.0! ;)