by fanikz at 5:08 PM
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The server is looking good with a lot of new and high quality builds for koths and the spawn. Release of BattleMade 2.0 will guarantee a very stable and smooth server focusing mainly on the players skills with all bugs/dupes that have occurred during this map fixed.

We have decided to remove custom enchantments and instead add runes that players can obtain, those runes will only give small benefits like speed, haste, jump boost, fire resistance, night vision, saturation etc., nothing that will change the pvp aspect. The terrain has also been smoothed out and made easy for base building.

Possibly sell chests will be added and sand stacker.

Release date: March 4th @ 3pm EST

Stay updated on the forums for the upcoming trailer and full list of changes for the new release. ;)


Top factions will be contacted sometime this week.
by fanikz at 4:55 PM
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Alright guys, I will keep it simple, hopefully most of you already know that the server has been experiencing a lot of downtime and lag issues for a long time, therefor most of the player-base died out. So we have decided to bring you all a new map that will guarantee:
  • Very good server performance
  • No downtime
  • Acitve Staff
  • No more bugs & glitches (Enderpearls, flying, cannons, etc..)
I will post more threads soon and release information soon. Of course a lot of things will change, like some main features probably getting removed (Custom enchantments, Custom enderchest). But yeah, keep checking forums for more updates. I can definitely promise a very successful release that will be loved by many because of what it offers. We will try to focus it on competition basing mainly from the players skill level.

Probably about 2 weeks until everything has been developed and ready. Thanks for reading ;)

Regarding Faction Top rewards, 50% of it will be given out to top 3 factions, will be contacted individually. Vote top vouchers will also be given out.