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Despite the lag issues during the very start, the server is doing pretty good. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. If there are any unsolved bugs or issues please comment down.

70% sale for limited time @

  • TnT & Creeper Eggs will be enabled on Saturday @ 3pm EST
  • Koth's will start occurring on Monday
  • FactionsTop will be enabled on Sunday

Thank you everybody for being on for the reset, have a great experience through out BM 2.0! ;)
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Reupload 4 Keys:
10 views: 1x Legendary Key
30 views: 2x Legendary Key
50 views: 2x Legendary Key & 1x Battle Key
100 views: 2x Legendary Key & 2x Battle Key
To receive comment down:
Link to video: <url>
IGN: <username>

Made by // WrongV

Faction Top Rewards:
1st: $150 PayPal & $150 BuyCraft
2nd: $100 PayPal & $100 BuyCraft
3rd: $50 PayPal & $50 BuyCraft
Balance Top Rewards:
1st: $150 BuyCraft
2nd: $100 BuyCraft
3rd: $50 BuyCraft
  • No Banknotes because of that.
  • AutoSelling is against the new rules.

See you all at the release on Saturday @ 3pm EST ;)
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The server has changed a lot to provide the best possible experience for everyone to enjoy. But of course the main focus is the competition and that's why so much stuff has changed. We are sorry for any inconvenience the server has caused previously, this is a completely new beginning for BattleMade.

Release Date: 11th March @ 3pm EST

70% Release Sale:

What's new?

  • Factions
    • 50 power per player and 30 member limit
    • 1 corner claim per faction
    • Insiding is still bannable
    • 2 Staff per faction allowed
    • 20 chunks from base wall as the buffer
    • Added faction permissions
    • Added the command /f coleader to add factions
    • Added /f claim line and /f unclaim line
    • You can now create faction banners and place them using /f banner to ask for assistance from members that can teleport there using /f assist.
  • Economy
    • Added selling wands
    • Added harvester hoe
    • Added blast pickaxe
    • Auto Selling and Auto Fishing is now disallowed
    • Made Harder
    • Farming buffed
  • Runes
    • You can wear runes 4 at a time
    • They will not affect PvP or anything along that side
    • You will be able to obtain them in crates or at store
      • Jump II
      • Speed II
      • Saturation
      • Haste
      • No Fall Damage
      • Hearts (2 golden)
      • Water breathing
      • Night vision
      • Regeneration 1
      • Strength 1
      • Resistance
  • General
    • Replaced Custom Enchantments with Runes
    • McMMO re-configured
    • Added Sand Scaffolding
    • Updated gen buckets
    • Added item filter
    • World
      • 5k x 5k in size
      • Removed all underground gravel and dirt
      • Removed all structures
      • Visible border
      • Flattened out
      • No portal creation
    • Nether
      • 3k x 3k in size
      • Non-claimable
      • No more structures
      • No portal creation
    • End
      • 5k x 5k in size
      • Endstone at y:50
      • Completely flat
  • Staff (Most apply to Mod+)
    • New tools
      • Freeze suspicious players
      • Restore inventories
      • Ability to spectate players if they get too many warnings about cheats
    • Thought how to screenshare properly
    • Ability to lookup and roll back block data
  • Anti Cheat
    • It may kick you some times falsely when you do something but it will kick cheaters 99% of the time
This thread may update at any time so please stay updated. See you @ the release! ;)
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Release date: March 11th @ 3pm EST
The server is looking good with a lot of new and high quality builds for koths and the spawn. Release of BattleMade 2.0 will guarantee a very stable and smooth server focusing mainly on the players skills with all bugs/dupes that have occurred during this map fixed.

We have decided to remove custom enchantments and instead add runes that players can obtain, those runes will only give small benefits like speed, haste, jump boost, fire resistance, night vision, saturation etc., nothing that will change the pvp aspect. The terrain has also been smoothed out and made easy for base building.

Possibly sell chests will be added and sand stacker.

Release date: March 11th @ 3pm EST

Stay updated on the forums for the upcoming trailer and full list of changes for the new release. ;)


Top factions will be contacted sometime this week.
by fanikz at 4:55 PM
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Alright guys, I will keep it simple, hopefully most of you already know that the server has been experiencing a lot of downtime and lag issues for a long time, therefor most of the player-base died out. So we have decided to bring you all a new map that will guarantee:
  • Very good server performance
  • No downtime
  • Acitve Staff
  • No more bugs & glitches (Enderpearls, flying, cannons, etc..)
I will post more threads soon and release information soon. Of course a lot of things will change, like some main features probably getting removed (Custom enchantments, Custom enderchest). But yeah, keep checking forums for more updates. I can definitely promise a very successful release that will be loved by many because of what it offers. We will try to focus it on competition basing mainly from the players skill level.

Probably about 2 weeks until everything has been developed and ready. Thanks for reading ;)

Regarding Faction Top rewards, 50% of it will be given out to top 3 factions, will be contacted individually. Vote top vouchers will also be given out.